Sunday, 23 February 2014

IT Security Week: 10-14 February 2014

Last week, we ran our first ever IT security awareness campaign in the University - IT Security Week (10-14 February 2014).  We ran this in conjunction with the University of Dundee. 

We had a special one-day event, targeted at staff and students - to raise their awareness of the dangers online - and give tips on how to stay safe.  We also invited students and staff from the Universities of Dundee and Abertay, St Leonards School - and Dundee & Angus College. 

The event was a great success - and I was delighted to see so many staff, students and visitors attend.  We had a great variety of speakers involved, to all of which I'm extremely grateful for taking the time to share their considerable knowledge and experience.  Having experts from all around the UK involved in our event was a critical factor to the success of our event. 

  • DI Eamonn Keane, eCrime Unit, Police Scotland
  • Duncan Atkin & Gavin Holt, 4th Year Ethical Hacking Course, Abertay University
  • Martin Brown, Chief Security Portfolio Architect, BT
  • Kenneth Macdonald, Deputy Information Commissioner, ICO
  • Saleem Bhatti, Professor, School of Computer Science
  • Helen Ridley, Client Manager (on behalf of Mike Loginov), Hewlett Packard
  • Leona Forbes, Head of Product Solutions, brightsolid
  • Mark Williams, Information Security Specialist, University of Dundee
  • Steve Watt, CIO, University of St Andrews (Event Chair)

We've received great feedback.  The campaign highlighted the need for better education of the dangers faced online - every organisation needs to put this higher up the agenda.  This is something we're committed to. 

 a series of campaign posters were created

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